H.E. Veron Mar Enoch Ashe (1968 - 2014)

Our beloved Metropolitan entered into his eternal rest on January 18th, 2014.  Mar Enoch was a dynamic revelator and prophetic voice for the Universal Church.  An internationally recognized teacher and ecumenical pioneer, his profound understanding of ancient hermeneutics was equally matched by the ability to articulate these concepts in the modern global context.  The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church is eternally grateful for the profound visioin of His Eminence, who changed many lives forever.  - Memory Eternal.

H.E. Avi Mar Abraham Penhollow Presiding Bishop

Bishop Avi Mar Abraham is currently the Presiding Bishop of the MTOC.  Mar Abraham served with Mar Enoch at St. Mary of Magdala Cathedral in Fresno, CA and currently  resides at the Mar Thoma Orthodox Church of Denver. 

mtoc clergy

Welcome to the Mar Thoma Orthodox Church, an international communion in the ancient eastern Christian tradition.  Our roots go back to Je
sus Christ and St. Thomas the Apostle who in 52 A.D. began to establish churches in the Middle East and South India.  This tradition has survived and thrived in the lands of its origin for 2000 years.  Today there are St. Thomas (Mar Thoma) Christians throughout the world.  The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church is an independent American Church that derives it’s lineage from India where our first Archbishop was consecrated in 1872.

The MTOC is neither Latin, Greek, nor Syrian; neither Eastern nor Western...but Catholic. 
Lovingly, this Church invites you, your family and friends to learn more of its life and its vocation, which is one of the oldest in all Christendom. +


Archbishop Mar Enoch celebrating Holy Qurbana during his 5th year consecration anniversary

The MTOC has declared January 18th as "Mar Enoch Sunday" to commemorate our late Archbishop and visionary who left us one year ago.  Please join us in worldwide celebration of his life and ministry.  Our communities will celebrate Holy Qurbana on this date in his honor. 

For more information about local celebrations please contact the Archdiocese: bishopavi@gmail.com


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